First female of Cane Corso came to us in 1997 year and it was female of hungarian orogin Anima Sciabole and Squadre. In this time I had working breed - giant and middle Schnauzers. Cane Corso charmed me so much, that from this time I breed only CC: We try to breed healthy, beautiful dogs with nice character.

For our females We properly choose males, we think about health, exterior and also about characters. It is not easy.

Our litters are under restraint of vetherinary, we feed them by quality dry food, also mother. Every owner get with puppy also puppy-packet, declaration of purchase, breeding servicing and health guarantee. For show quality puppies also exterior guarantee.

Our dogs lives in Germany, Austria and also Belorussia. They are successful on shows, in work, they are perfect companions and guards. We are in contact with all owners of our dogs. We are happy to get informations about results of shows, their growing, working results....If you decided for Cane Corso, you are welcome in our kennel. We will like to give you all informations, which you will need.

I would like to tell thanks for my mother, which was always standby for me, also in not easy times, also I want tell thanks to my friend and my children, which nanny our puppies and also our adult dogs.
Also thanks to great owners of our dogs, which are in contact with us and love their dogs.